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Mar 25, 2013 10:45am PDT
' physicals. oh, hells bells, bob-o. if you wanna fire me, just do it. i would, but even though this room was quite crowded when you sucker-punched me, apparently nobody saw it happen. [chuckles] uh, saw what happen, sir? [squeaking] so, dr. cox, can you, uh, look at her chart? newbie, did you not see what just happened? kelso is so far up my ass that i can taste brill cream in the back of my throat, and, you, you're-- you're a third-year now. wake up. this whole "dr. cox riding in to the rescue" part of the show is over. [pager beeping] no, you're on your own. j.d.: elliot's unlucky streak continued with the head of the radiology department. dr. moyer, uh, you told me my patient had colitis, and it turns out it was just traveler's diarrhea. so? that sounds like good news. yeah. he took it as bad news, maybe 'cause of the unnecessary colonoscope i shoved 3 feet up his pooper? what do you want me to do? uh, a-apologize to my patient and tell him it was your mistake, no big deal? think i'm gonna pass on that one. see, i got you pegged as one of those spineless types that's not gonna cause m
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1